Swiss Cyber Storm Challenge - Finals 2016

In Sursee over the weekend of September 17th-18th, Switzerland’s best young hackers, which qualified for the Swiss finals, competed against each other.


After a weekend full of challenges, teamwork and presentations the Swiss team 2016 participating at the European Championship in Dusseldorf is found. Congratulations and all the best for the European Challenges!

Swiss Team 2016

Video European Cyber Security Challenge 2016 CTF Infrastructure

Video from Final 2015 in Switzerland

What is this all about?

Switzerland is seeking for cyber talents. It is very important for Switzerland and other European countries to find and support those talents. That's what all the European Cyber Security Challenge is about. It is a great opportunity to digg into the technical details of cyber security and meet other people with similar interests. Furthermore, you have the chance to exchange ideas with people from Spain, Romania, UK, Germany or Austria. More countries are joining this initiative. Swiss Cyber Storm is offering a platform for finding Swiss cyber talents aged 14 to 30 years and by making the cyber security topic more popular among them. Furthermore, we offer successful participants to become part of our Swiss Whitehatters Academy where they can participate in networking and continuing education events.

Who can participate?

  • If you are between 14 and 30 years old and having a permanent residence in Switzerland, you are allowed to become a member of the SWISS NATIONAL TEAM. It is not mandatory to have the Swiss citizenship, but you have to live and work in Switzerland.
  • If you are between 14 and 20 years old, you are probably a student at a Swiss Kantonsschule or Gymnasium or you are doing an apprentice in informatic, either as system engineer or software developer. You are allowed to participate!
  • If you are beetween 20 and 30 years old, you are probably a student at a Swiss university (ETH, EPFL) or Swiss university of Applied Sciences (FH). May you have finished your apprentice, military service and you are a regular worker as system, network or software engineer? You are allowed to participate as well!
  • You are allowed to participate as long as you don't have a master degree. You can participate if you have a Bachelor degree, that's fine.
  • We will count May 2th, 2016 as the day of checking. If you did not turn 30 before May 2th but you turn 30 afterwards, you are allowed to participate. The same rule will be applied to people getting their master degree. If you don't have a master degree on May 2th, 2016, you are allowed to participate.


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